VEB89 presents Viy’s Amoris Vulnis

Our first digital album release is by Viy, Vera Bremerton’s side project inspired by, and dedicated to, the victims of sexual violence. Viy introduces a stark, uncompromising female energy into the electronic scene. She has performed live several times in London and is known for extremely powerful performances that have allowed her to develop work of razor-sharp intensity. Viy’s tracks are aggressive, highly dynamic, full of distortion and strident sounds. Her main influences include Converter, Morgenstern, Black Lung and Greyhound. Her debut album is the furious Amoris Vulnus (The Wound Of Love). In it, she uses multiple layers of harsh techno beats, noise, drones and vocal samples of high-pitched screams to illustrate the pain, terror and ultimate endurance of a rape survivor. The album denounces the hypocrisy with which rape is still treated by the media, religion and the public. It fearlessly explores and dramatises the contradiction between the impulse to dance and a repulsive subject matter that society needs to face, making visible an all too often hidden tragedy. Viy confronts the listener with harsh truths through the paradoxical pleasures of the dancefloor context. The energy and dynamism of the music are marked by the haunting shadow of the terrible subject matter.



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